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Thank You A Message of Gratitude

As the spread of COVID-19 presents pressing and continued challenges to our community, the team at Welsh Pharmacy Review would like to express our gratitude to the tremendous members of our healthcare teams as they work tirelessly to assist and support patients. Thank you for all that you do. If you would like to share your [...]

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Health Minister Responds to NHS Wales Performance Data

Minister for Health and Social Services, Vaughan Gething, has responded to the latest NHS Wales activity and performance data published today. Minister for Health and Social Services, Vaughan Gething, said, ‘February was another busy month for our emergency departments and ambulance service. It was encouraging to see an improvement in the four hour waiting times [...]

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Update on the 2020 Welsh Pharmacy Awards

Due to the impact of Covid-19 on pharmacy in community, hospital and GP practice, the Medical Communications team has made the unavoidable decision to move the date of the 2020 Welsh Pharmacy Awards evening to Wednesday 16th September, in the Vale Resort. We are still forging ahead with the programme but will extend the [...]

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Experts Warn of Impacts of Late Liver Diagnoses on Children, as Europe Comes Together for International Awareness Day

Childhood liver disease is now thought to affect up to one-in-10 children across Europe, as patients and clinicians throughout the continent are coming together for Big Yellow Friday to call for much-needed improvements to public awareness and earlier diagnoses of childhood liver disease to improve the lives of paediatric patients and their families. Big Yellow [...]

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Prominent Welsh Pharmacist Becomes Honorary Captain in Royal Navy

Raj Aggarwal and First Sea Lord Tony Radakin A Cardiff-based pharmacist has been granted the position of Honorary Captain in the Royal Navy. The promotion for Captain Raj Aggarwal OBE, who is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, was made official at a ceremony in Birmingham. The event was attended by the [...]

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An Age-Old Problem

With an ageing population, the burden of urinary tract infection in older adults is likely to grow, making the need for improved diagnosis and appropriate management essential to managing the health of older adults. (4) Ased Ali B.Sc.(Hons), MB.ChB, PhD, FRCS(Urol), Consultant Urological Surgeon at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals, explains further – providing a comprehensive overview [...]

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Time for Change

Liver disease is chronically overlooked and underfunded due to a lack of awareness of its seriousness and prevalence, together with the stigma that often surrounds it. Help cultivate change for your patients and beyond by improving early detection and prevention courtesy of The British Liver Trust’s advice. Liver disease is a major public health crisis [...]

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M.E.: Learning from Experience

Despite M.E.'s severe and widespread impact, young people and adults – and the doctors supporting them – struggle to access and / or refer to appropriate services and support. UK charity, Action for M.E., shares key findings from its Big Survey of 4,000 people with M.E. on symptom management and specialist services. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) [...]

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Work Smarter – Not Harder

Against a backdrop of ever-changing pharmacy needs, the Cegedim team remain committed to serving the sector and fulfilling your needs where possible. As a result, they have taken their popular Pharmacy Manager product on an evolutionary journey – with it now delivering new regional insights, and even greater efficiency, to your work. Cegedim have listened [...]

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A Work-in-Progress

Around 220,000 people of working age in the UK identify epilepsy as their ‘main’ health condition, making it one of the most common serious neurological conditions in the world. Yet despite its encompassing nature – spanning any age and background – a glaring employment gap shockingly persists. WPR takes a look at this demoralising deterrent [...]

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