The session will have a maximum duration of 1 hour

Learn more about Dry and Eczema prone skin in infants, and how emollients can help, as part of our Skin Health webinar series for HCPs

This webinar will provide an overview and understanding of dry skin and eczema in infants. There will be a focus on the sensitivity of baby skin and how eczema prone skin will appear in different ethnicities. We will discuss the long term emotional and social impact of infants with eczema prone skin and also look at the importance of the skin microbiome. Finally, we will consider the benefits of using a colloidal oatmeal emollient, such as Aveeno Baby.

The webinar will be hosted by Rebecca Bennett who has over 25 years’ experience as a skin care expert having worked with health professionals, retailers and consumers.

Agenda of the webinar:

Overview of dry and eczema prone skin in infants

Baby skin functions and structure

Importance of emollients

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