Calls for Increased Awareness of Pancreatic Cancer

Many people are worried about visiting their doctor or pharmacist during the current coronavirus pandemic and as a result there has been a large drop off in people presenting to their GP or reporting symptoms. However, the public are still being encouraged to use the NHS services as they would do normally. Pancreatic Cancer Action are urging the public [...]

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A Quest for Clarity

Functional neurological disorder (FND) is a disorder of the functioning of the nervous system that involves a problem with the way the brain sends and receives signals – yet for far too long the condition has been cloaked in mystery and misunderstanding. To help us wade through the complexity, Tom Plender, as a musician and [...]

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COVID-19: The Teenager Perspective

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the whole world. Many countries have introduced extreme measures in order to try and contain this deadly virus. People of all ages are now having to adjust to major lifestyle changes such as staying indoors and losing regular contact with friends and family. But how is this impacting the [...]

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Letter from the Home Secretary to the Chair of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs

Dear Professor Bowden-Jones, COVID-19: emergency legislation to enable supply of controlled drugs The Covid-19 pandemic is expected to place very high demands on our health service, and we must be as prepared as possible. We intend to put in place emergency measures to: i) legislate to allow registered pharmacies to supply substances in Schedule 2, [...]

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The Self-Isolation Situation: What to Do

The Coronavirus pandemic that we are seeing in the world at the moment is leading to governments requiring those who can, to keep themselves away from other people. For some, this might mean working from home, or for others it might mean complete isolation from other people for potentially long amounts of time. With the [...]

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New Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) data dashboard launched

The Public Health Wales’ Coronavirus Surveillance Cell have today (Monday 6 April) launched an interactive data dashboard to enable the health system, the public and media in Wales to find out more about the virus in Wales. The dashboard will be updated daily at 2pm, and will be the primary source of public health data relating to [...]

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Public Health Wales launches new COVID-19 wellbeing campaign

Public Health Wales has launched a new wellbeing campaign to address the negative impact of COVID-19 on the mental, physical and social wellbeing of people in Wales. The new ‘How are you doing?’ campaign has been created to support the people of Wales to look after their wellbeing and to ensure public health is protected [...]

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CCA members sign up to zero tolerance of abuse of pharmacy staff

The PDA welcome the largest employers in community pharmacy adopting a policy of zero tolerance of any form of violence in their pharmacies. The PDA has been campaigning for zero tolerance of violence towards pharmacy staff for many years and with the extra profile generated by a significantly increased number of incidents recently, they called [...]

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PDA call for remembrance of health workers killed by CV19

The PDA are calling for a minutes silence on Tuesday 28 April to remember those health workers who have been killed by CV19. At least two members of the pharmacy community have already died, along with pharmacists' colleagues across the NHS.  Many health professionals have serious concerns about the lack, or inadequacy, of PPE and other [...]

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i2i Network – Rapid Response Web Clinic – Tuesday 21 April, 8-9pm

Rapid Response Web Clinic: Managing Type 2 Diabetes during COVID-19 Tuesday 21st April 2020  8pm - 9pm    The i2i Network is pleased to bring a rapid response to help you to manage your type 2 diabetes patients virtually. This practical web clinic will combine expert insights and support you to implement best practice including [...]

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