Setting their Sights Higher

Pharmacists are often at the helm of patient care – offering convenient access to a comprehensive range of services. However, too high a proportion of the population still remain unaware that the sector’s scope extends to help with dry eye syndrome too. WPR chats to two pharmacists about their encounters with the condition, and gauge [...]

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A Sore Subject

Explore psoriatic arthritis through the expert eyes of Philip Helliwell, Professor of Clinical Rheumatology at the University of Leeds, and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist for the Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust, who talks to WPR about the condition’s life-impacting potential and why treatment must not be delayed. What fraction of the population are most likely to develop [...]

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Breaking the Ice

Cold weather and seasonal bugs can aggravate existing health problems, making people with long-term conditions, such as kidney disease, more vulnerable to illnesses. Even if people are managing their long-term condition well, and leading otherwise healthy lives, it’s important that they continue to protect themselves. Kidney Care UK advise on the information which patients should [...]

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Arthritis: The Mother of all Conversations

At the point of their arthritis diagnosis, for female patients, motherhood can feel like a faraway priority – a distant hope diminished by the complex care which their condition requires. But the launch of an exciting new social media campaign, #MaybeBaby, is demonstrating that by encouraging family planning discourse at an early stage between the [...]

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Parkinson’s: Breaking New Ground

WPR rounds up some of the latest research for Parkinson’s – and how it’s striking hope and inspiration into our future management of the progressive neurological condition. This article was sourced from news stories highlighted by The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. Parkinson’s, Leprosy and Crohn’s Researchers at the University of Ottawa have announced a new discovery [...]

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Parkinson’s and Me

Adjusting to a Parkinson’s diagnosis can be a perplexing and overwhelming process, so it’s important to make the individual feel as supported as possible. Colin Cheesman shares his story – helping us to channel the patient’s journey, and the factors which have been impactful in managing his condition. ‘I’m sorry to spoil your evening, but [...]

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Diabetes: A Reality Check

Healthcare professionals may have an advanced understanding of diabetes meters, but how is this translating to the individuals they assist? A female patient with type 2 diabetes, Daisy, sheds light on her ongoing monitoring experience – including the meter’s ease of use, the importance of adherence, and how she has found incorporating the tool into [...]

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Thinking on their Feet

How can diabetes affect your patients’ feet? Emma Howard, Specialist Podiatrist and Team Leader, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust – on behalf of the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation – investigates, overviews what neuropathy is, and presents tips as to how individuals can keep their feet healthy. What is Neuropathy? Diabetic foot complications develop as [...]

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Stepping up to the Challenge

In this edition of WPR the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group explores Wales’ approach to the third WHO patient safety challenge, ‘Medication Without Harm’. Medicines have contributed to major improvements in health globally. However, unsafe medication practices (including medication errors) are also a leading cause of harm to patients worldwide. In 2017 the World Health [...]

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