Better Left Unsaid

With healthcare professionals experiencing rising rates of stress, social media forums can provide a useful outlet to discuss the pressures of the job – sharing ideas, voicing frustrations, and [...]

The Silent Killer

Liver disease is set to become the leading cause of premature death in the UK within the next two years – yet over 90 per cent of cases derive from lifestyle behaviours and could actually be [...]

In A Class Of Its Own

Equipped with a line-up of skilled speakers, recent appraisal recommendations, and platforms for networking, the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group’s annual masterclass for the pharmaceutical [...]

Focus On Pneumonia

Our global population is ageing; by 2033 there’s predicted to be more adults aged 65 years of age than children aged under 16, and by 2050, one-in-four of us will be over the age of 65. (1) This [...]

As Far As I Can C

Despite their array of cost-saving benefits, Category C drugs are still falling under the radar, and are sometimes even rarely encountered. Why is this? WPR’s Sarah Nelson helps to [...]

A Site To Be Seen

In this edition of WPR, Matt Smith, eLearning Project Manager at Wales Centre for Pharmacy Professional Education, assesses the exciting news that the operational unit’s website has re-launched [...]

Biosimilars: A Journey Of Understanding

The trail blazed by biosimilar medicines over the last few years has been nothing short of transformational, with the understanding and confidence instilled in them only set to accelerate. In [...]

Breastfeeding And Pharmacists

As a result of the inevitable lifestyle adjustments which breastfeeding brings, new mothers often feel fenced in by both mental and physical barriers – but how can you help? Pharmacist – and [...]

No Kidding

Be it questions of treatment, or obscurity of symptoms, the strands of ADHD-associated complications in young people have been tangled for years. Now, a new discovery concerning their lack of [...]