Better Left Unsaid

With healthcare professionals experiencing rising rates of stress, social media forums can provide a useful outlet to discuss the pressures of the job – sharing ideas, voicing frustrations, and raising questions with colleagues. But do the perils of posting online eclipse the relief reaped from doing so? Dr Nicola Lennard and Dr Ellie Mein, Medico-Legal [...]

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The Silent Killer

Liver disease is set to become the leading cause of premature death in the UK within the next two years – yet over 90 per cent of cases derive from lifestyle behaviours and could actually be prevented. How can you help usher in changes and encourage patients to confront the reality of their likelihood of [...]

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In A Class Of Its Own

Equipped with a line-up of skilled speakers, recent appraisal recommendations, and platforms for networking, the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group’s annual masterclass for the pharmaceutical industry got underway. WPR casts a light on the event’s proceedings. In November 2017 the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) hosted its annual masterclass for the pharmaceutical industry, chaired [...]

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Focus On Pneumonia

Our global population is ageing; by 2033 there’s predicted to be more adults aged 65 years of age than children aged under 16, and by 2050, one-in-four of us will be over the age of 65. (1) This has led to unprecedented global health resource use for both chronic non-communicable diseases, such as chronic obstructive [...]

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As Far As I Can C

Despite their array of cost-saving benefits, Category C drugs are still falling under the radar, and are sometimes even rarely encountered. Why is this? WPR's Sarah Nelson helps to demystify the medicines by putting questions to two pharmacists working within different settings. What Is Category C? Category C incorporates the items which have a price based upon [...]

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A Site To Be Seen

In this edition of WPR, Matt Smith, eLearning Project Manager at Wales Centre for Pharmacy Professional Education, assesses the exciting news that the operational unit’s website has re-launched as part of a major upgrade, how it is bringing a modern, mobile-friendly interface – and dissects the practical changes which this entails for you. The upgrade [...]

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Biosimilars: A Journey Of Understanding

The trail blazed by biosimilar medicines over the last few years has been nothing short of transformational, with the understanding and confidence instilled in them only set to accelerate. In this issue's column, Warwick Smith, Director General of the British Biosimilars Association, reflects on this progress, and the impact of many biologics coming off patent. [...]

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Leprosy – A Disease Of Modern Times?

Anyone working in UK healthcare could easily be forgiven for thinking that leprosy had vanished in the Middle Ages. Certainly, in the September 2017 World Health Organisation Weekly epidemiological record, only five new cases of leprosy were reported in the UK in 2016, and only 32 throughout the whole of Europe; the majority of whom [...]

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Breastfeeding And Pharmacists

As a result of the inevitable lifestyle adjustments which breastfeeding brings, new mothers often feel fenced in by both mental and physical barriers – but how can you help? Pharmacist – and breastfeeding expert and author – Wendy Jones PhD MRPharmS shares how you can ease their puzzlement, counter the queries posed, and sharpen your [...]

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No Kidding

Be it questions of treatment, or obscurity of symptoms, the strands of ADHD-associated complications in young people have been tangled for years. Now, a new discovery concerning their lack of mental health support is mobilising UK experts to take action. WPR's Sarah Nelson explores. A restructure of the reality facing, and attitudes targeting, ADHD in [...]

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