Award Finalists


WEBBusiness Development - D Powys Davies Pharmacy

Steffan John

D Powys Davies Pharmacy, Blaenau Ffestiniog

The team took over the D Powys Davies Pharmacy on the high street in Blaenau Ffestiniog at the beginning of March 2017 – and from the outset their vision entailed developing the pharmacy premises to be fit-for-purpose so that local patients aren’t short of choice. The core objectives were to fully refit the pharmacy and to start delivering every commissioned service by the end of year one.

WEBNEWBusiness Development - Gwawr Davies Jones, High St Pharmacy

Gwawr Davies Jones

High Street Pharmacy, Barry

When Claire Harris and Gwawr Davies Jones acquired the business in 2016, the pharmacy was in a depleted state; both physically and in terms of the level of service provided. However, instead of perceiving the challenges as being unsurmountable, they deemed them to be opportunities which required immediate attention.

WEBBusiness Development Independent - Nathan Wood, Queen's Road Pharmacy

Nathan Wood

Queens Road Pharmacy, Skewen

The decision was made to enhance the profile of Cecil Jones Ltd four years ago with the first of three pharmacy refits; the last of which was completed in June of 2017 with the rebranding in January and
February of this year.

webRussell Goodway (CPW) Sally loyd (Morrisons Pharmacy) and Craig Hinks

Craig Hinks

New Inn Pharmacy, Pontypool

Having long been a desire of the company to practice from modern, state-of-the-art premises, the opportunity arose in October 2016 when the village post office closed, leaving a larger setting vacant, located in the heart of the community.

WebBusiness Development - Rosser's Chemist, Monmouth

The Pharmacy Team

Rosser’s Chemist, Monmouth

As an independent pharmacy at the heart of the community, the team was motivated to propel their brand and profile forward by way of reminding patients, and enlightening prospective patients, about the selection of services available to enhance their health

WebCollaborative Working, Richard Griffiths, Griffiths Pharmacy

Richard Griffiths

Griffiths Pharmacy, Garden City

In order to execute the most beneficial and patient-centred strategy for tackling diabetes, the team recognised the value of collaboration, and therefore not only engaged in discussion between themselves, but looked at how they could involve other local health professionals to provide a balanced service that supported diabetics with all the elements of managing the condition

WebManagement of Diabetes - Asim Ali, Pill Pharmacy

Asim Ali

Pill Pharmacy, Newport

As a result of being based in a community which is highly prevalent in the incidence of diabetes, the team places tremendous importance on the health-related education of different generations from the same household. The overarching goal has therefore been to forge a chain reaction in which the awareness can be passed on to the next generations – the younger members of the family.

webAsthma Project - Lloyds Pharmacy Baglan

Deb Hughes and Team

LloydsPharmacy, Baglan Moor

Deeply concerned by the boundaries obstructing society’s understanding of diabetes, as well as the recognition that those living with the condition often didn’t receive the support they needed to reduce the risk of devastating complications, the project aimed to find this ‘missing million’ and simultaneously educate a nation about the dangers of type 2 diabetes.     

WEBStudent Leadership - Bethany Lloyd

Bethany Lloyd

Cardiff University

As a committee member and first year representative for the Welsh Pharmaceutical Students Association (WPSA), Bethany’s leadership skills have continually risen to the fore – particularly when organising a group of volunteers to help with a weekly talk and tour for the UCAS applicants visiting the school.

WEBStudent Leadership - Jake Groves

Jake Groves

Cardiff University

Jake led the WPSA between February 2017 and February 2018, during which he implemented the two key objectives of maintaining the society’s position as a Gold Tier society within the Cardiff University Students’ Union Guild of Societies, and raising over £5,000 for charity at the same time.

Student Leadership - Rana Ajaj

Rana Ajaj

Cardiff University

As a pharmacy student, Rana has always aspired to positively influence the sector, and, where possible, identify opportunities to develop her knowledge. For example, she has not only attended General Pharmaceutical Council, Royal Pharmaceutical Society and WPSA events, but she has organised ones within the school itself.

WEBStudent Leadership - Sarah Alzetani

Sarah Alzetani

Cardiff University

Having been one of two first responders – alongside Reeya Patani – to a medical emergency occurring outside of Cardiff University’s Pharmacy School, Sarah felt that refreshed first aid training for students was fundamental, and wanted to see change. Her actions have reaped benefits as first aid training is now being reviewed with the Mpharm programme, while new communication with students on first aid is being considered, and a recruitment drive for more first aiders in the school has been undertaken.

WEBStudent Leadership - Reeya Patani

Reeya Patani

Cardiff University

Reeya’s vision for the future of the Pharmacy School was shaped when she and a fellow colleague, Sarah Alzetani, aided a member of the public who was having a cardiac medical emergency. Upon realising the seriousness of the situation, they immediately called the emergency services who asked if there was a defibrillator accessible. With the pharmacy school being closest to the scene, Reeya ran to it, despite her uncertainty as to just where the defibrillator was located.

WEBStudent Leadership, Stacie Marks 2018

Stacie Marks

Cardiff University

Throughout her time at university, Stacie has made a substantial impact in growing and improving the student experience. Putting her in prime position to achieve this has been her wealth of experience, including being the treasurer for the WPSA, and enjoying a successful year as the lead British Pharmaceutical Students Association representative.

webCommunity Pharmacy - Evans Pharmacy St Clears

Tom Miles

Evans Pharmacy, St Clears

Identifying that there was an area in the market for a weight management service, the team set about establishing a programme that’s affordable and more accessible than other schemes.

150Innovation in Service Delivery  - Rosser's Chemist, Monmouth

The Pharmacy Team

Rosser’s Chemist, Monmouth

Last year it was decided that the team would build on the services available to the community in order to both excel in patient care and differentiate the independent pharmacy; allowing it to stand out in a competitive market.

WEBCom Pharm Independent - Rachael Davies,  Burry Port Pharmacy

Rachel Davies

Burry Port Pharmacy

The aim of the initiative was to provide testing nearer to the patient’s home – instead of a six or 12-mile journey to the nearest hospitals in each direction – to relieve pressure on local hospital phlebotomy services and provide a more acceptable method of testing by using point-of-care testing machines.

WebInnovation in Service Delivery - D Powys Davies Pharmacy.jpeg

Steffan John

D Powys Davies Pharmacy, Blaenau Ffestiniog

When the takeover of D Powys Davies Pharmacy occurred in early March 2017, despite being a central and much-loved part of the rural town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, the pharmacy was dated, with only the very basic of services being offered. The team knew from day one that they could offer more to the local community, and thus their intention was clear – to refit the building so that they could deliver every service
commissioned locally.

webCollaborative Working Phil Bullen, Wellness Pharmacy.jpeg

Phil Bullen

Wellness Pharmacy, Old St Mellons

Committed to the viewpoint that community pharmacy is ideally placed to ease the burden on GPs, the team is applying their communication skills in order to forge stronger ties with them.

webCollaborative Working, Jonathan LLoyd-Jones, Sheppards Pharmacy Whitcombe Street

Jonathan Lloyd-Jones

Sheppards Pharmacy, Whitcombe Street, Aberdare

During the last 12 months Sheppards Pharmacy at Whitcombe Street has worked closely with GP surgeries to ensure that all surgery staff are aware of their extensive services.

WebManagement of Diabetes  - Griffiths Pharmacy, Richard Griffiths,

Richard Griffiths

Griffiths Pharmacy, Garden City

The team has taken significant and effective strides in transforming their collaborative values into actions, and have met with several surgeries and engaged in productive meetings and discussions in terms of understanding their needs and current focus.

WebCollaborative Working, Sudhir Shrewat (Clifton Pharmacy) & #teamhep C&V UHB

Sudhir Sehrawat and #teamhep

Clifton Pharmacy and Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

Sudhir made direct contact with the virology team at Cardiff & Vale University Health Board (C&V UHB) to develop proof of concept for a community pharmacy service for Dry Blood Spot Testing (DBST). Inspiration for this was founded on the awareness that pharmacists are ideally placed to provide testing for at-risk populations as substance misuse and needle exchange programmes are already well-established in local communities.

webLloyds pharmacy team

The Learning and Development Team


Historically, LloydsPharmacy has employed a variety of different learning platforms – often making it difficult to manage and track learning for the pharmacy teams. These systems also didn’t provide accurate learning records for colleagues, with the recurrent issues including the systems only being available internally while at work, a self-sign-up approach, and very basic reporting functionality.

WEBBusiness Development - D Powys Davies Pharmacy

Steffan John

Fferyllwyr Llyn Cyf

Over the last 12 months Fferyllwyr Llyn Cyf has embraced the concept of cloud-based working, and in particular has adopted a cloud-based PMR system, cloud-based electronic CD register, and cloud-based shared drive across the whole estate.


wEBQuality & Efficiency - Tyelli Evans Pharmacy

Mo Nazemi and Team

Evans Pharmacy, Ty Elli

Perched in Llanelli, the pharmacy attracts a very high footfall and busy workload, with the staff dispensing over 4,000 items each week, and a high proportion coming from walk in / collection patients as the site is attached to the Tyelli surgery. There is a very strong collaborative working ethos between the surgery and the pharmacy.

WebHospital Pharmacy - ChemoCare Impementation Team, Paediatric Oncology Cardiff & Vale UHB

Kerry Crompton and the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales

Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

It was two years ago when the team – made-up of Eurig Jenkins, Caroline Davies, and Kerry Crompton – came together, and combined their extensive experience to embark on the ChemoCare® project.

WebHospital Pharmacy - HDUHB Medicines Information

Dianne Burnett and the Medicines Management Team

Hywel Dda University Health Board

The HDUHB MI team provides a health board-wide enquiry answering service which covers four acute hospital sites, and three primary care localities, including GPs, community pharmacists, prescribing advisors, and cluster pharmacists.

WebHospital Pharmacy - Metastatic Breast Pharmacy Team, Velindre

Sophie Harding and the Metastatic Breast
Pharmacy Team

Velindre Cancer Centre

A group of Velindre pharmacy staff have been working as a team to provide a unique service to the metastatic breast cancer patients within the outpatient clinic setting at Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff. The specialist metastatic breast cancer pharmacy team members include a pharmacist non-medical prescriber (NMP) who works within the metastatic clinic alongside medical colleagues, a senior education lead technician, and education pharmacy technicians.

WebHospital Pharmacy - Royal Gwent Haematology ABUHB

Bethan Jones and the Haematology Pharmacy Team

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

The haematology pharmacy team has successfully embedded into the multidisciplinary team within the chemotherapy day unit setting and is now an integral part – attending daily team meetings to discuss treatment plans for patients, and enhancing the pharmacy input into these gatherings. The members also work alongside the nursing staff to ensure that chemotherapy is administered in a safe and efficient manner to patients.

WebHospital Pharmacy Team of the Year - application form

Reuben Morgan and the Medicines Homecare Team

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Local Health Board

The team boasts a varied background – from long-standing administration and clerical staff in homecare and the wider pharmacy field, to those with private sector experience, which thus inserts a demographic blend into a successful and close-knit team.

webAsthma project - Boots St Mellons

Gareth Rowlands

Boots, St Mellons

The pharmacy serves the local
community of St Mellons on the outskirts of Cardiff – many of whom are affected by asthma. Sparked by this reality, the aim of the initiative was to highlight and support patients with uncontrolled asthma, by way of delivering patient-centred care which has entailed educating the sufferers about their condition and how to use their inhalers more effectively.

webAsthma Project - Well Garndiffaith team

Catrin Avis

Well, Garndiffaith, Pontypool

There has been a keen focus by Aneurin Bevan University Health Board to target asthma patients and their medicines management through the launch of a localised service – and, showcasing her industriousness, Catrin attended a course in 2017 to equip her with the insights required to put the service in motion.

webAsthma Project, Damian Williams, Morrisons Pharmacy, Parc Pensarn, Carmarthen

Damian Williams

Morrisons Pharmacy, Carmarthen

Serving the market town of Carmarthen and outlying rural communities, as well as transient tourists, Morrisons Pharmacy is committed to upholding a high standard of care for each and every customer. This ethos underscores the establishment of their project which identifies and helps asthmatics who are poorly controlled, and who also smoke.

webAsthma Project - Lloyds Pharmacy Baglan

Deb Hughes and Team

LloydsPharmacy, Baglan Moor

The pharmacy team has devised their initiative to incorporate services relating to asthma, allergies, and smoking – seeking the best results with this all-encompassing approach.

WebInnovation in Service Delivery  - Evans St Clears Pharmacy

Tom Miles and Team

Evans Pharmacy, St Clears

With roots stretching back 38 years to when it first opened its doors, the pharmacy has since evolved into a health hub of the community, always striving to support local needs. Despite having a long-term commitment from its clientele, the pharmacy continues to be innovative and expansive in terms of its service offering.

webCommunity Pharmacy Practice, Llanidloes Pharmacy

Dylan Jones and Team

Dudley Taylor Pharmacy, Llanidloes

As an independently-owned local community pharmacy, Dudley Taylor Pharmacies Ltd has been providing pharmaceutical services based in Llanidloes for around 20 years and is highly valued for both being an essential service within the community, and helping to maintain the thriving high street in town. The launch of the common ailments service (CAS) in Powys allowed the pharmacy to support the GP practice in offering patients an alternative to a traditional GP appointment. It’s now the highest provider of CAS consultations in Powys.

wevSarah Brown

Sarah Brown and Team

Sheppards Pharmacy, Rhydyfelin

Given that all of the pharmacy’s actions are underscored by a motivation for high quality patient care, its current layout reflects the importance of accessibility for the customers in question. While customer confidentiality is preserved where appropriate, the majority of the dispensary is on view from the shop floor, enabling the customers to interact freely with pharmacy staff, and encouraging open communication.

WebInnovation in Service Delivery - D Powys Davies Pharmacy.jpeg

Steffan John and Team

D Powys Davies Pharmacy, Blaenau Ffestiniog

Since the takeover last year, the pharmacy has undergone a complete redesign and refurbishment of the dispensary and retail area – a change which has been very well received by patients. The pharmacy’s objectives over the last year have also incorporated the education of staff in order to support the delivery of clinical services. The staff took to their new roles immediately and have developed new skills and knowledge with enthusiasm, courtesy of training courses.

webCommunity Pharmacy, Sheppards Whitcombe Street

Jonathan Lloyd Jones and Team

Sheppards Pharmacy, Aberdare

Sheppards Pharmacy Whitcombe Street started out as a small branch and has been extended over time to meet patient and public needs. In terms of recent developments, during the last six months, a number of local surgeries changed their opening times, increasing prescription turnaround from 48 hours to 72 hours. As this was having an effect on patients, the pharmacy demonstrated initiative by way of arranging a number of collaborative working meetings with local surgeries, and now runs a thriving repeat dispensing scheme.

webCom Pharm Inde - Gwawr Davies Jones, High Street Pharmacy

Gwawr Davies Jones

High Street Pharmacy, Barry

With the pharmacy being located in a diverse social economic area, serving the affluent West End of Barry, and some areas which are described as deprived, balancing the diversity of the client’s needs can be challenging for Gwawr – but she nevertheless always manages to. During her 17 years as a pharmacist, she has developed a particular interest in – and has subsequently been incredibly pro-active in – engaging with patients suffering with addiction. In order to offer as encompassing a service as possible, after the purchase of the pharmacy, the team immediately contacted the local CDAT unit, Newlands, to introduce themselves and offer their Supervised Consumption Services. Since then, the pharmacy’s Supervised Consumption clients have increased from three to 11 daily.

WEBSMALLCom Pharm Independent - Rachael Davies,  Burry Port Pharmacy

Rachel Davies

Burry Port Pharmacy

Testament to Burry Port Pharmacy’s emphasis on training, in 2014 Rachel gained an MSc in Public Health (Community Pharmacy) and presented her research regarding influenza vaccination rates and uptake from community pharmacies in Wales at the Public Health England Conference.

webRussell Goodway (CPW) Sally loyd (Morrisons Pharmacy) and Craig Hinks

Craig Hinks

New Inn Pharmacy, Pontypool

As superintendent pharmacist and branch manager, Craig honours his responsibility of ensuring that all of the pharmacy’s processes not only put patients’ safety at the heart of everything that the team does, but that the methods are also designed to reflect their daily practice and achieve a friendly, confidential, yet community-centred approach to healthcare.