Treatments for Disease and Ageing Enhanced

Key medical challenges, such as disease diagnosis, identification of the right treatments and improving the health of ageing populations will be tackled UK-wide by the official opening of the Phenome Centre Birmingham. The £8 million facility, funded by the Medical Research Council, University of Birmingham and industry partners, will allow scientists at the University of Birmingham [...]

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Gene Linked to Youthful Looks Discovered

A new study has uncovered the first genetic evidence explaining in part the difference between how old we look in our face (perceived age) and how old we are. Researchers from Erasmus MC University Medical Centre Rotterdam in conjunction with Unilever, and other study partners such as Leiden University Medical Centre, made the discovery following [...]

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Large Investment to Join up Health and Social Care Services

£60 million is to be invested over the next year to ensure children, adults and older people in Wales receive joined up health and social care services, the Welsh government has announced. £50 million revenue funding will be provided by the Welsh government’s intermediate care fund in 2016-17 to improve care co-ordination between social services, [...]

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UNISON Calls for Action to End Homecare Wages Scandal

Tens of thousands of care workers across England and Wales are still being paid less than the minimum wage because councils are not insisting that homecare companies pay staff their travel time, a UNISON report is warning. More than three quarters (76 per cent) of councils in England don’t stipulate in their contracts with homecare [...]

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Public Concern Over Funding Gap’s Effect on Medicine Management

Nearly half of Brits are concerned the funding gap for UK care homes will result in a poorer quality of medicine management (46 per cent), according to a recent report. A quarter of the respondents, who have an elderly relative in a care home, also worry about them being given the wrong medicine (26 per [...]

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RPS Wales Launches Care Home Policy

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Wales has launched its care home policy, Improving Medicines Use for Care Home Residents. Drawing on advice from experts within the pharmacy profession, as well as other health and social care professionals and patient representative groups, five key themes have been identified as areas for immediate support from the pharmacy team: Polypharmacy [...]

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Team Helps Older People with Mental Health Conditions

A new ground-breaking service to help older people with mental health conditions is now operational in Gwent. Rapid Assessment, Interface and Discharge (RAID) is a specialised multi-disciplinary mental health team working in hospitals in the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board area. The team provides psychiatric assessment, advice and support to patients aged 65 and over with [...]

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Researchers Develop Novel Test To Show How Well We Are Ageing!

A new molecular test, which can indicate how well a person is ageing, could transform the way ageing is approached in medical research by assessing a person’s ‘biological age’ rather than the number of years they have lived. The findings, published in Genome Biology, could help improve management of age-related disease by identifying people most at risk of diseases [...]

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