Co-ordinator Relationships ‘Key to Mental Health Recovery,’ Says New Study

A paper has been published highlighting the key results of a major 2016 study which reveals that mental health service users see the relationships with their care coordinators as being central to their recovery and feel that care plans are largely irrelevant. The study, which is published in BioMed Central Psychiatry, was carried out by [...]

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Diagnosis Aid for Viral Condition Launched

Scientists at Cardiff University have created an online tool to help parents diagnose and better understand a common viral skin condition that particularly affects children. Molluscum contagiosum is a viral skin disease that commonly affects children aged up to 14. It can affect people of all ages, but most adults’ immune systems are strong enough [...]

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Aspirin Could Increase Cancer Survival Rate ‘by up to 20 Per Cent’

Patients receiving cancer treatment could increase their chance of survival by up to 20 per cent and help stop their cancer from spreading by taking a low-dose of aspirin, new Cardiff University research suggests. In a systematic review of the available scientific literature a team from the university’s School of Medicine found a significant reduction [...]

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Trainees Less Likely to Disclose Personal Mental Health Issues

Trainees and young doctors are less likely than GPs or consultants to disclose personal mental health issues, according to new research by Cardiff University. Published in the journal, Occupational Medicine, the study, led by Professor Debbie Cohen of the School of Medicine, surveyed almost 2,000 doctors with and without mental illnesses at various stages of their [...]

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Swansea University Research Leaders Selected for New Healthcare Group

Health and Care Research Wales has announced the appointment of a new group of Health and Care Research Wales senior research leaders, including a number of staff from Swansea University’s Colleges of Human and Health Science and Swansea University Medical School. Individuals from Swansea, Cardiff and Bangor universities were appointed following a competitive process and [...]

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Public Concern Over Funding Gap’s Effect on Medicine Management

Nearly half of Brits are concerned the funding gap for UK care homes will result in a poorer quality of medicine management (46 per cent), according to a recent report. A quarter of the respondents, who have an elderly relative in a care home, also worry about them being given the wrong medicine (26 per [...]

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Trial Seeks to Improve Life Chances of Wales’ Looked After Children

Improving the life chances of looked after children across Wales is the focus of a major new trial led by Cardiff University. Recent figures from a foster charity show that around one in ten looked after children in the UK move placements three times or more in a single year. Government data shows that looked [...]

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Well Launches Innovative Medicines Management Technology to Improve Care Home Patient Safety

Well has introduced tablet technology, the Well Pad, to care homes across the UK, enabling pharmacists and carers to manage medicines more effectively, saving money and allowing for more resident care time. The technology was developed to revolutionise medicine management in care homes, enabling carers to provide effective treatment for residents, while helping to cut [...]

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Medicine Management Tool Offers Effective Treatment for Care Home Patients, Researchers Say

Cardiff University researchers say that an online tool to help pharmacists manage medicines in care homes could improve care and save millions of pounds. A new online tool designed to improve medicine management in care homes in Wales could lead to ‘safer and more effective’ treatments for patients and help cut costs by up to [...]

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