Investigations into ‘One-Off’ Clinical Incidents to be Reduced

Limiting probes into ‘one-off’ clinical incidents will reduce the number of full fitness-to-practice (FtP) investigations by the hundreds, the General Medical Council (GMC) believes. Reported on, the council is initiating changes to its FtP process, including closing cases early where a clinical incident was a one-off mistake, the doctor has identified and reflected on [...]

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Four in 10 Doctors Changing their Practice

Independent research commissioned by the General Medical Council (GMC) has found that four out of 10 doctors are changing their practice as a result of their last appraisal. Around half of those doctors aged under 50 have changed their practice. The findings are from an interim report from a UK-wide collaboration of researchers, known as [...]

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Trainees Less Likely to Disclose Personal Mental Health Issues

Trainees and young doctors are less likely than GPs or consultants to disclose personal mental health issues, according to new research by Cardiff University. Published in the journal, Occupational Medicine, the study, led by Professor Debbie Cohen of the School of Medicine, surveyed almost 2,000 doctors with and without mental illnesses at various stages of their [...]

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The General Medical Council (GMC) has commissioned Sir Keith Pearson, Chair of the GMC’s Revalidation Advisory Board, to lead a review of revalidation. The review will draw on evidence of the operation and impact of revalidation since it was launched in December 2012 and look forward to how it can be improved. The aim will [...]

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