50% of Hospital Acquired Infections are preventable. A 900 bed hospital takes 2-3 million temperatures per year – that’s 2-3 million unnecessary contact points with patients. The TRITEMPTM offers zero patient contact reducing infection spread, lowering costs and eliminating plastic waste in hospitals.

Over 5 years ago whilst working in hospitals, we recognised an opportunity to bring improvements to reduce hospital spend by eliminating single use plastics for routine devices.

Feedback from nurses revealed that disposal of bags of plastic waste from ‘used’ thermometer covers represented a significant infection risk as thousands are used in hospitals every day. Nurses reported finding ‘used’ plastics in patients’ beds, food trays and other hazards such as dementia patients swallowing them, which could be fatal.

As many hospital infections are spread through ‘CONTACT’, the solution was a medical-grade thermometer that was NON-CONTACT and required no plastic covers which would reduce costs, infection risk and eliminate plastic waste.

We fast tracked this idea to a market ready, CE marked device in 2017 which is now on NHS Frameworks across the UK and used in hospitals and clinics in over 21 countries.

Roisin Molloy, TriMedika Co-Founder/ CEO, says: “TriMedika is passionate about developing smart, innovative medical devices from hospital healthcare

teams’ feedback to deliver better patient care. New technology should challenge current hospital workflows and deliver savings on time, cost and most importantly today – eliminate infection spread in our hospitals.”

Our main customers are hospitals and clinics all over the world and the end users predominantly nurses and doctors delivering frontline medical treatment to patients.

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