An Eye Opener

It’s time to look beyond dry eye syndrome’s ability to masquerade as a simple, straightforward irritation, and see that it can be more deep-rooted than suspected. Given the influx of patients experiencing dry eye syndrome – the condition affects one-in-four people – it’s no surprise that its obvious inconvenience is well-documented. However, its impact also [...]

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Getting Under The Skin Of Psoriatic Arthritis

Professor David Isenberg, Arthritis Research UK Professor of Rheumatology, chats to WPR about how the introduction of certain biologic drugs has been overhauling the treatment of psoriatic arthritis – and assesses the impact of the genetic profile of the patient. WHAT ARE THE MAJOR SIGNPOSTS OF PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS? Psoriasis is a skin rash which can [...]

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Asthma: Supported Self-Management

Although supported self-management has been recommended in asthma guidelines for the past three decades, implementation has been patchy. Professor Hilary Pinnock, of the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research at the University of Edinburgh, shares with WPR why clinicians and healthcare organisations should prioritise making sure that every person with asthma has access to support [...]

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ADHD And Innovation

The role of innovation has been gradually, yet consistently, filtering into the management methods of adult ADHD. Just what are these advances – and how can we equip ourselves with them to enhance daily life for our patients? Dr Louise Theodosiou, from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, weighs in. INNOVATION THROUGH IDENTIFICATION The phrase, ‘I [...]

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Infection And Beyond

Integral to efforts to improve the recognition and diagnosis of wound infection – and the management of wound bioburden – is our awareness of wound-related sepsis. Spurred on by this, Richard White, Professor of Tissue Viability, and Director at DDRC Wound Care, Plymouth Science Park, reviews its risks and outcomes, and draws attention to recent [...]

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Read My Lips

Transcending the ability to simply perfect a picture-worthy pout, or act for the articulation of sound or speech, the lips can also serve as signposts for an array of healthcare conditions, from the slight to the serious. This issue, we overview just a few of the calls for medical intervention which may be written all [...]

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Stoma Care: Changes And Challenges In Treatment

The first stoma care nurse (SCN) was appointed in 1971 (Black, 2000), with the Calman-Hine report (1995) came specialisation and an increase in specialist nurses across all disciplines, including colorectal nurses. Some areas separate the roles of the SCN and colorectal nurses, while others carry out a dual role, appreciating the continuity which this can [...]

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A Cause For Collaboration

In this edition’s column, Steve Simmonds, Contractor Services Development Executive at Community Pharmacy Wales, draws on the principles that lie behind the most recent changes to the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework in Wales: the introduction of a Collaborative Working Scheme, and explains its emphasis on encouraging contractors in Wales to engage with local GP practices [...]

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Acute Otitis Media: An Update

This time of year signals not just a surge in gift wrapping – but a renewed focus on those common childhood ailments, such as acute otitis media. Stay ahead by delving into the latest on the painful ear infection, from risk rate and diagnosis, to the impact of delayed antibiotic prescription. Dr Kirsty-Anne Noble BSc [...]

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Time For Reflection

At the end of June, the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) marked its 15-year anniversary by holding a two-day conference at Cardiff City Stadium in which speakers from across the UK delivered a programme of fascinating and thought-provoking talks. Attendees from all over Wales heard about recent initiatives currently being rolled out across the [...]

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