In the Light of Day

Approximately one-in-five adults and one-in-six children have inadequate vitamin D levels – but how much do you know about the different ways in which this deficiency can impede your patient’s life? WPR delves into the nutrient’s hidden depths. Bolstering spirits, boosting activity, and brimming with opportunity, summer’s arrival in the UK sparks mass anticipation. However, [...]

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The Real World of Asthma and Allergy

5.4 million people in the UK receive treatment for asthma, which equates to one-in-12 adults and one-in-11 children nationwide. Of these asthma patients, a huge number suffer from allergies which can trigger an asthmatic attack and exacerbate pre-existing symptoms – positioning them at the forefront of possible danger when a lack of awareness or planning [...]

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In this Day and Age

One-in-1,000 children and young people are living with juvenile idiopathic arthritis; a type of arthritis that causes widespread pain, stiffness and fatigue. WPR presents clinical and patient views about being diagnosed with arthritis during childhood and adolescence. Francesca’s Story 24-year-old Francesca White has lived with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) for eight years. She has battled [...]

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Swallowing, Dysphagia and Medicine

With dysphagia becoming a greater burden as the population ages, David G Smithard and Vruti Patel, Department of Elderly Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, highlight the medicine prescribing and administration considerations which must be acted on accordingly. The taking of medication has become a way of life for the general population, [...]

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Let’s Talk About Sex

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common side-effects of prostate cancer treatment, yet a large subset of patients still aren’t reaching out for help – obstructed by embarrassment and a myriad of other concerns. Sophie Smith, Specialist Nurse at Prostate Cancer UK, tackles the scale of the problem, and how you can provide support. [...]

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A Call to Action

Heighten your psoriatic arthritis awareness and hone your approach for supporting patients as Versus Arthritis presents the condition’s causes, diagnosis details, and latest research. As there are many forms of cancer and neurological conditions, there is no single form of arthritis; although ‘arthritis’ can be a general term people reference when discussing joint pain. The [...]

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A Sense of Urgency

Affecting an estimated three-to-six million people across the UK – more than diabetes or asthma – urinary incontinence is a common condition impacting both men and women, yet it’s not spoken about as much as it should be. Seeking to end the taboo and help patients shed their shame, The Urology Foundation suggests steps for [...]

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Back to Basics

The surge in pain-centred studies may be leading to an enlightened sector – but it can also result in overwhelmed sufferers, struggling to understand their symptoms. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is therefore helping you to simplify back pain for patients, and dismantle a few false beliefs along the way. What Can Cause Back Pain? [...]

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Diabetes: Playing it Safe

When it comes to diabetes, the patient’s understanding, adherence, and continuous monitoring are key components of effective care. However, with too many people with diabetes still under-estimating the condition’s severity, Libby Dowling, Senior Clinical Advisor at Diabetes UK, talks to WPR about how we can encourage individuals to self-manage responsibly. How often should diabetes patients [...]

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Paediatric Coeliac Disease: A tall order?

Coeliac disease is a frequent and life-long autoimmune condition, caused by an abnormal reaction of the immune system to gluten – a group of proteins found in grains such as wheat, barley and rye – that is common in the European diet. Despite its significant prevalence, many people are unaware of just how common it [...]

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