Zap of Electricity Reduces Arthritis Symptoms

Clinical trial data has shown that stimulating the vagus nerve with an implantable bioelectronic device significantly improved measures of disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The findings, announced by the Academic Medical Centre/University of Amsterdam, the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research and SetPoint Medical, appear online in PNAS Early Edition and will appear [...]

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New Mode of Action for Anti-TNFs Offers Arthritis Hope

A new study from University College London, funded by Arthritis Research UK, has revealed fresh insights into the way anti-TNF therapies work, while also suggesting a reason why some drugs work better than others. Published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, the research focused on the multipurpose anti-inflammatory agent adalimumab, sold under the brand name Humira, [...]

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New Treatment Hope for Arthritis Patients

Arthritis and other inflammatory conditions could be helped by new insights into how the immune response is switched off. Scientists have discovered how compounds produced by the body’s immune system help to dampen inflammation and prevent damage to healthy tissues. Their findings suggest that therapies based on these compounds could help to treat rheumatoid arthritis, [...]

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Honorary Fellowship For Medical Pioneer

Professor Christopher Wood, a pioneer of the development of new medicines for the treatment of cancer, arthritis, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, has received an Honorary Fellowship from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. Born in Cardiff, Professor Wood spent his early years at school and college in Wales. He began his professional career as [...]

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