Vitamin Pill Could Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes

The first patients have begun receiving treatment in a new clinical trial to find out if vitamin K can improve heart and blood vessel health in people with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The researchers at the University of Dundee and University of Glasgow, leading the trial, are being funded thanks to a £290,000 grant from [...]

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Half of Heart Attack Patients Delay Seeking Medical Help

Half of people suffering a heart attack (50 per cent) may be putting their life and future recovery in danger by delaying seeking medical help for their symptoms for more than an hour, according to a new survey of British Heart Foundation (BHF) supporters. The survey of heart attack survivors showed that over 80 per [...]

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Largest Ever Study into Obesity Displays Shocking Results

The largest ever obesity study reveals that the world’s obese population has hit 640 million meaning that more than one in ten men and one in seven women across the globe are now obese. The research, co-authored by Professor Gareth Stratton, Head of the Research Centre in Applied Sports, Technology, Exercise and Medicine (A-STEM) at [...]

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Swansea University Research Leaders Selected for New Healthcare Group

Health and Care Research Wales has announced the appointment of a new group of Health and Care Research Wales senior research leaders, including a number of staff from Swansea University’s Colleges of Human and Health Science and Swansea University Medical School. Individuals from Swansea, Cardiff and Bangor universities were appointed following a competitive process and [...]

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Swansea University Receives Share of £167 Million Investment in Doctoral Training

Universities and science minister, Jo Johnson, has announced two major investments in science and engineering research totalling £204 million. Swansea University is one of 40 UK universities that will share £167 million that will support doctoral training over a two-year period, while £37 million will be put into developing the graduate skills, specialist equipment and [...]

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A Swansea University-Led Study Explores Concerns about Medication Errors

Confusion between look-alike and sound-alike medication names accounts for up to one in four medication errors, threatening patient safety. A Swansea University led team of scientists decided to look into the main reason for this confusion Medication errors are particularly common in intensive care, paediatrics/neonatology, care of older adults, anaesthetics, and obstetrics. Errors can occur [...]

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ARCH Health Programme Receives £1.2 Million Vote of Confidence from Welsh Government

Efforts to transform healthcare across the Swansea Bay City Region have been given huge backing by the powers-that-be in Cardiff. The ARCH programme has received £1.2 million of funding from the Health Minister Mark Drakeford to continue their work to transform the health and wealth of the people of South West Wales. ARCH (A Regional [...]

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CR-UK Team Recognised for Commitment to Research

A team which has been congratulated for a high level of commitment to research has been awarded this month’s Clinical Diagnostics and Therapeutics Clinical Board Staff Recognition Award. The Laboratory Genetics Cancer Research UK (CR-UK) Stratified Medicine Team, based at the University Hospital of Wales, has been running the stratified medicine programme since 2011, when [...]

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Positive News For Hepatitis C Patients

Merck has announced that its new investigational hepatitis C drug, elbasvir/grazoprevir, has shown favourable results in phase III trials. It’s estimated that between 130-150 million people globally have chronic hepatitis C infection, and a significant number of those, who are chronically infected will develop liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. Around 500,000 people will die each year from hepatitis C-related liver diseases. [...]

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Patients Less Satisfied With GPs Who Refuse Antibiotics: Study

A new study by King’s College London has shown that reduced antibiotic prescribing is associated with lower patient satisfaction. The study found a 25 per cent lower rate of antibiotic prescribing by a GP practice corresponded to a five to six point reduction on GP satisfaction rankings. The study, which was published in the British Journal of General Practice, analysed records [...]

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