Lack of GP Funding Increasing NHS Deficit, New Study Shows

Underinvestment in general practice and district nursing, as well as reductions in social care, have been key to the financial strains in the NHS, new research by primary care academics suggests. Reported on, in findings that will be presented at this year’s RCGP Annual Conference in October, researchers from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde show that [...]

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GPs Call for More Asthma Investment

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) is arguing that despite GPs being highly trained to care for patients with asthma, they need more investment to meet demand. Dr Maureen Baker, Chair of the RCGP, said, ‘Asthma is a distressing condition that affects millions of people across the UK, and patients should be reassured that [...]

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Valued Locums Not Long-Term Solution to Recruitment Issues in General Practice, Says RCGP

Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), Dr Maureen Baker, has responded to figures published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre which revealed a correlation between the number of locum GPs working in most deprived CCG areas. She said, ‘One of the greatest attractions of general practice is the variety of [...]

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Concern for Standard of Palliative Care for LGBT Patients

Responding to a report by Marie Curie on end-of-life care for LGBT patients, Dr Catherine Millington-Sanders, Royal College of General Practitioners, and Marie Curie Clinical Lead for End Care, said, ‘With our patients now living longer than ever, and routinely presenting with multiple health issues, it is imperative that all our patients – LGBT patients [...]

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Development of New Drugs is ‘Desperately Needed’

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) is lending its support to Lord O’Neil’s latest review on the global threat of antibiotics resistance and his proposals to reduce prescriptions of antibiotics. Dr Maureen Baker, Chair of the RCGP, commented, ‘Resistance to antibiotics continues to be a global threat, yet astonishingly, there hasn't been a new [...]

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Statistics Lead to Growing Concern for Males with Eating Disorders

The Royal College of General Practitioners’ (RCGP) spokesperson, Dr Clare Taylor, has responded to a BBC Newsbeat story on eating disorders and their prevalence in males compared to females. Dr Clare Taylor, spokesperson for the RCGP, said, ‘Eating disorders can lead to dangerous consequences for our patients, their families and carers, and research suggests that [...]

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GPs Are Reaching Breaking Point

A new campaign urging family doctors to take regular breaks in order to keep their patients safe has been launched by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). The college says that general practice – like aviation and long haul driving – is a ‘safety critical industry’ and that the rules for preventing fatigue in [...]

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