New Online Resource for Acute Leukaemia

A unique educational resource centre that provides acute leukaemia support has been developed as a result of a collaboration between both experts and patients. It’s the first time that such a comprehensive medical information video resource has been gathered together in this format, and comes at a time when cancer patients and caregivers are advocating [...]

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Online Patient Data Collection Tool Goes Live

Health stakeholders are being urged to ‘get on the map’ using an online collection tool which is designed to capture key information from patient engagement (PE) initiatives across the globe. Data collected through the tool will be used to produce a series of overview ‘maps’ of the PE landscape in the lifecycle of medicines development [...]

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Nanoparticle Technology Developed to Treat Thyroid Cancer

An innovative nanoplatform that allows for the effective delivery of RNAi agents to the sites of thyroid cancer, and suppresses tumour growth and reduces metastasis in preclinical models of ATC, has been established. Investigators at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, together with collaborators from Massachusetts General Hospital, have developed, have had their results appear in the [...]

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New Tool Opens up Heart Surgery Data to Families

An innovative communication tool has been launched that will help people make sense of published survival data about children’s heart surgery in the UK and Ireland. The website, Understanding Children’s Heart Surgery Outcomes, shows decision-makers and parents that hospitals should not be ranked by their survival rates, because hospitals treat different patients — high performing hospitals can [...]

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Google Receives Controversial Access to Patient Data

A document obtained by New Scientist has indicated that Google’s collaboration with the NHS has more far-yielding consequences than initially suspected. The document – a data-sharing agreement between Google-owned artificial intelligence company DeepMind and the Royal Free NHS Trust –demonstrates what the company is doing and what sensitive data it now has access to. The agreement enables DeepMind [...]

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World’s First Live-Streamed Virtual Reality Operation Announced

An operation on a patient with colon cancer at The Royal London Hospital – taking place today – will be the first in the world to be broadcast live through pioneering virtual reality (VR) technology. Thousands of medical students watching remotely though VR headsets and using their smartphones will be able to learn about surgery [...]

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New National System to Allow ‘Real Time’ Monitoring of Infection Outbreaks in Welsh Hospitals

The Welsh NHS will be able to prevent, track, control and manage outbreaks of healthcare-associated infections in hospitals in real time as part of a new IT system to be rolled out across Wales, Deputy Health Minister Vaughan Gething has announced. The Welsh government is investing £1.9 million from the Efficiency through Technology Fund in [...]

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Public Concern Over Funding Gap’s Effect on Medicine Management

Nearly half of Brits are concerned the funding gap for UK care homes will result in a poorer quality of medicine management (46 per cent), according to a recent report. A quarter of the respondents, who have an elderly relative in a care home, also worry about them being given the wrong medicine (26 per [...]

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Hafal Gets an IT Boost from the Santander Foundation

Hafal, the Welsh mental health charity, has received £4,950 from the Santander Foundation to Foundation to fund 18 desktops and ten computers at its resource, training and education projects across South Wales. The Santander Foundation offers grants to UK registered charities for projects that help disadvantaged people in local communities. Hafal’s Chief Executive, Alun Thomas, [...]

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Centre Explores Social Media Use in Palliative Care Research

A Cardiff research centre is redefining the way social media postings from people affected by terminal illness are used in palliative care research. Staff at the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre at the Cardiff University School of Medicine have drawn up new ethical guidelines to help researchers looking to use social media data in [...]

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