Against a backdrop of ever-changing pharmacy needs, the Cegedim team remain committed to serving the sector and fulfilling your needs where possible. As a result, they have taken their popular Pharmacy Manager product on an evolutionary journey – with it now delivering new regional insights, and even greater efficiency, to your work.

Cegedim have listened to YOU. They have taken the industry-leading product that you know and trust and made it work harder for you.

Pharmacy Manager now includes a modernised intuitive, interface for easy navigation, and has introduced an intelligent dashboard tailored for each region with dynamic tiles which help improve the user experience. This is an evolution of the industry-leading pharmacy solution that has led the way for over 20 years since its accreditation in the market.

Tracey Robertson, Pharmacy Product Director, explained, ‘We have made Pharmacy Manager work harder. The first step was listening to you; the second step was acting on what we heard. We are on a continuous improvement journey where we listen, act, and improve Pharmacy Manager for YOU!’

A New Regional Focus

Since devolution in the late 1990s, the NHS in England, Scotland and Wales has been organised and funded by the devolved governments. Pharmacies already know that there are differences across the UK depending on where their store is located and that they need to adapt the way they work depending on their region. That’s why Cegedim have tailored their new dashboards within Pharmacy Manager to be region-specific – this way users see only what’s relevant to them in the country they operate.

Tracey said, ‘To ensure we continue to delight our customers across all regions, over the last few months my team have been busy walking in their shoes across the UK, in order to understand their needs and key challenges. Having gained insights into regional variations they have been busy designing and validating prototypes before starting development of our phase one solution for both Scotland and Wales. Our successful beta phase was completed at the end of last year and we have already begun rolling out version 11 to all our Welsh customers to ensure that pharmacies in all regions can benefit from these fantastic new features.’

Features Designed for You

As a result of the team’s innovative steps, you now have access to a vast array of exciting and useful features. For example, to address the needs of Scotland the team have included a one-click journey from the new intelligent dashboard to manage CMS prescriptions that are due to be dispensed over the next seven days. Whereas for Wales, the team have included real-time notifications of ETC claims submitted that month, which help to achieve the monthly thresholds and IM&T allowance.

The key improvements and advancements to date include:

• A modernised intuitive interface for easy navigation

• An intelligent dashboard with dynamic tiles to help improve the user experience

• A notes feature enabling the electronic capture of notes in the pharmacy

• A calendar to enable the electronic capture of key events and appointments to aid the smooth running of the pharmacy

• Fridge temperature recording

• Real-time notifications and alerts of prescriptions that need to be claimed so that the pharmacy never loses money

Many more efficiency-saving features delivered as part of this release are also set to follow.

Building for the Future

Pharmacy Manager version 11 is now rolling out to customers and has already garnered fantastic feedback regarding the simplification of the user journey, as well as the key pharmacy insights delivered through the introduction of the new intelligent dashboard.

This is only the start of Cegedim’s evolutionary journey – in which various exciting plans are already in store for this year and beyond.

Tracey said, ‘This is a key milestone for Cegedim, it means we start 2020 with the foundations in place for all regions, allowing us to build out new value add features across the wider PMR.

‘This will bring efficiencies and key intelligence across all fundamental areas such as dispensing, stock and order management, patient management and automation. We are very much looking forward to the journey ahead of us, working collaboratively in partnership with our customers to change pharmacy for the better.’